Vasayo 2021 International Convention FAQ's


Q: Are tickets to the Convention refundable? transferable?

A: All tickets are non-refundable and are not transferable.


Q: When is Convention registration open to all Brand Partners and Guests?

A: On July 7, 2021, registration will be open to all Brand Partners and guests.


Q: Where can I purchase my Convention ticket?

A: If you already have an account with Vasayo, you can purchase your ticket in the Back Office.


Q: What are the steps to purchase my Convention ticket in the Back Office?

A: Here are some instructions to purchase your ticket in the Back Office:

  • Log into your back office
  • Click on Orders, then place an order
  • Click “Shopping” down arrow on top left:
  • Click “Webcategory Convention”
  • If you have you and your spouse/significant other, you can select another for them


Q: Where Can I watch the 2021 United we Grow Convention?

A: Please go to the following link to view the Convention:



More details will be forthcoming.